Ali Godil is a portland based creative director, art director, and designer who believes in the power of beauty to create emotionally impactful designs and content. Pushing culture forward in the process.  

“Shokunin” is a Japanese word that translates as, “Mastery of one’s craft for the service of society.” This embodies Ali’s mindset and approach when it comes to all his creative efforts.  

Utilizing his artistic direction for commercial work as well as artwork with his own poetry, films, and graphics.

His design philosophy consists of

His family roots are from India & Pakistan, and the intersection of swiss minimalism and colorful Islamic patterns have inspired him since childhood.

will save the world

― Fyodor Dostoevsky

Previously on the brand & creative team at Nike and Laundry Service, Ali is the founder & creative director of House of Gül, a socially impactful design consultancy.

Feel free to reach out for collaboration or inspiration