Ali Godil is an artist, filmmaker, creative director and designer who believes in the power of beauty (ethics + aesthetics) to create emotionally impactful concepts, designs and content. Pushing culture forward in the process and ultimately uplifting the human experience. He grew up in Portland, Oregon as the son of Pakistani immigrant parents.

His artistic work centers around celebrating the wisdom of his ancestors and honoring the dignity and humanity of underrepresented people, all with a vibrant, colorful and intimate approach. He is the founder of House of Gul, a creative studio and artistic practice in Portland, Oregon that works on commercial projects as well as artistic collaborations. He’s worked on creative projects for a diverse range of clients, from Nike, Adobe, Netflix, and Facebook to many regional and national non-profit organizations and cultural institutions.

He specializes in creating and leading teams on large scale creative campaigns and branding, design, digital, photography and video projects.

“Shokunin” is a Japanese word that translates as, “Mastery of one’s craft for the service of society.” This embodies Ali’s mindset and approach when it comes to all of his creative efforts.  

Utilizing his artistic direction for commercial work as well as artwork with his own films, digital graphics and prints.

His debut short film titled “American-istan” about the true story of his parents immigrating to America has debuted at the CINE/SEEN Film Festival and Brooklyn Film Festival.

His design philosophy consists of

His family roots are from India & Pakistan, and the intersection of swiss minimalism and colorful Islamic patterns have inspired him since childhood.

will save the world

― Fyodor Dostoevsky

Previously on the brand & creative team at Nike and Laundry Service, Ali is the founder & creative director of House of Gül, a globally conscious creative studio.

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    “I have known and worked with Ali for over six years. His imagination and creativity are matched only by his passion and integrity. That may sound like a mouthful, but it’s honest. Helping you do better is at the core of what drives Ali, and his creativity and versatility are the most used tools in his arsenal. He can confidently sit with executives to talk business needs with design and marketing solutions. He can also seamlessly get his hands dirty with executions at every level. After several years and countless projects, I never heard Ali say anything that came close to, “we can’t do that.” Ali is smart. He’s creative. He’s funny as hell and he’s great to work with. In short, trust Ali Godil to do the right thing for you. I have many times.”

John Hess,
Sr. Global Brand Director, Nike Inc.