I lead all creative, design, content production and social + digital content strategy for Zaytuna College, the first Muslim Liberal Arts college in America based in Berkeley, CA. I worked closely with the Head of Marketing for the college, to bring to life all creative campaigns, concepts and content for their fundraising seasons and various department needs within the institution.

I managed a talented team of designers, social strategists and digital managers to bring to life creative ideas with seamless cross-functional execution.

We revolutionized the look and feel for younger audiences while still preserving the regality and gravitas of the organization. We launched their first ever brand campaign, #lightingtheway, across print, digital, and social channels to their global following which was a large success according to donors and independent campaign consultants. 


Lead the client and the team to identify the mission and vision of the brand, our identity, and how do we tell those stories creatively and visually across all channels. Worked with digital team and social team to come up with monthly content direction, ideas and executions for events and evergreen stories. Managed editorial calendar and production calendar for creative requests, for strategy, new ideas, print designs, videos, and graphics.


I came up with ideas and pitched multiple creative directions based on the campaigns. Worked with client to refine the messaging and creative execution. Once approved, would bring to life with my team, either through graphics, prints, digital experiences and social campaigns. Managing a team of designers, strategists and content creators for multiple campaigns and projects at a time.

I would manage production partners and photographers to capture content based on the approved concept. Directing shoots for photographers and creating a shot list of content. I would write scripts and direct talent and production team on what scenes / shot list we’ll need to captures. Giving input on storyboards, lighting and editing. I would then work with the digital and social team to create ideas on how to roll out the content and promote our stories to maximize reach and engagement. 

The best possible end is the pursuit of human excellence.


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Ali Godil

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